Architecture, Interior Design, Planning,

From concept, through development and into project completion, climatech is committed to a design approach which demands the full creative involvement of the architect and the client. The process is one of listening, asking, analyzing and engaging each client as a participant in design. The collaboration explores possible physical solutions suggested from a thorough understanding of the project’s needs and unique parameters of the site. The shared goal is to reveal the project’s singular nature and to discover through design an identity that is individual and memorable. climatech provides a comprehensive service covering every aspect of design for commercial and residential projects for private and corporate clients; from planning and feasibility through to construction on site and the design of furniture.

Climatech deliberately uses furniture from a select choice of suppliers to create design cohesion. We have a genuine ability and passion to work empathetically with clients, and to lead them with inspired design. 

We strongly believe that everyone has a different lifestyle, and this needs to be respected in any design project. It is often difficult balancing our wishes with what clients want, but when we are pushed to solve a problem, we always discover something new. That is the beauty of our client relationships.